Investing in the Future: Understanding MKD’s FICO Model

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, seeking investment opportunities that ensure stable returns is crucial. Mobile ki Dukan (MKD) presents a unique and innovative Franchise Invested Company Operates (FICO) model, allowing individuals and businesses to invest in the future confidently.

Understanding the FICO Model:

The FICO model at MKD is designed to offer a stress-free investment avenue with guaranteed returns. As an investor, you can start your journey with a minimum investment of 3 lakhs. MKD then utilises this investment to set up fully furnished Mobile ki Dukan E-carts, generating a fixed monthly income of 8000/- per month for the next 7 years.

Key Benefits of the FICO Model:

  • Stress-Free Income: MKD’s FICO model provides a reliable and consistent income stream, eliminating the worries associated with market fluctuations and operational challenges.
  • Guaranteed Returns: Investors receive a fixed income of 8000/- per month for a full 7 years, ensuring financial stability and security.
  • Minimum Investment: The model allows individuals to start their investment journey with just 3 lakhs, making it accessible to a wide range of investors.
  • E-Cart Rental: MKD leases out these E-carts to cart runners and wholesalers, generating a steady income for investors while supporting others in running successful businesses.
  • Expand Your Earnings: By offering fully equipped E-carts for rent, investors not only secure their own income but also empower others to thrive in the mobile accessory market.
  • Long-Term Commitment: MKD is committed to ensuring a consistent source of income for investors, promoting a long-lasting partnership for mutual growth.

How the FICO Model Works:

  • Invest: Start your journey with Mobile ki Dukan – FICO by investing a minimum of 3 lakhs. MKD utilises this investment to set up fully furnished E-carts.
  • E-Cart Rental: MKD provides these E-carts to cart runners and wholesalers on rent. They operate these E-carts, generating income for investors while enjoying a fixed income of 8000/- per month for the next 7 years.
  • Relax: Investors can sit back and relax, assured of a steady income. MKD’s E-cart distribution ensures a consistent and stress-free earning stream.

Investing in the future with MKD’s FICO model is a step towards financial security and a risk-free second stream of earning. MKD offers a unique opportunity to participate in the growing mobile accessory market while enjoying the benefits of a guaranteed income. Connect with us to embark on your stress-free investment journey and achieve financial peace of mind.

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